About Us

5 Years in Action

LOTS (Learn, Observe, Train and Serve) began as a youth-focused participation programme
that worked to improve the social, physical and mental health of KwaZulu-Natal youth. As a
National grass route orientated NPO developing organizationally, LOTS expanded its focus to include all sectors of communities, government, government departments and stakeholders having a keen insight to community based needs focusing on improving service delivery, empowering field workers and ultimately bringing about change to our communities as a whole. LOTS seeks to assist in bridging the gap between Government, communities and the Private sector.

Our vision

To be involved in Provincial and National projects aiding to the same vision and intervention that Lots Project seeks through training and education. LOTS provides training and support of specific communication platforms and cutting-edge technology which uplifts and empowers our communities. Through the use of technology, Government, departments, communities and stakeholders are able to communicate information required to assist intervention enabling resolution in problematic issues as well as areas of our country.

Our Team

These people are not special by their skills, but they are truly special by their heart.


Pol Makambe


Josh Richards


Lynette Andes


Latica Evans