Providing training and support of communication platforms and cutting-edge technology which uplifts and empowers our communities.


Our Mission

Through training,  educating and providing the necessary technology, LOTS will ensure the implementation of its vision. Alongside with government, private sector and stakeholders,
the organisation focuses on improving and enhancing service delivery, empowering and uplifting
communities to move South Africa forward.







Who can get involved?

To be involved in Provincial and National projects aiding to the same vision and intervention
that Lots Project seeks through training and education. LOTS provides training and support on
specific communication platforms and cutting-edge technology which uplifts and empowers our communities. Through the use of technology, government, departments, communities and stakeholders are able to communicate information required to assist intervention enabling resolution in problematic issues as well as areas of our country.

Our current project

Capacity building and community development program

This program seeks to cover areas of internal monitoring and evaluation, strategic planning, need analysis, collaboration, sustainability, community development,  training and finance. We believe this project will assist in bridging gaps, provide support and enable organisations to gain the relevant skill sets needed.         

Since operating on the ground as an NGO for the last 8 years, we have experienced firsthand and we are able to take our lessons learnt to grow and develop others to make our projects and community development programs more successful. Sharing best practices and integration can fill the gaps and increase productivity within organisations. Within the period this project will engage various partners to link them to organisations and provide further mentorship and guidance. There is an opportunity to align business partnerships and collaborate. Furthermore the university intern program can be utilised to form part of NGO’s core businesses to gain work experience and making an impact.